James Laurico
Toronto, Canada
Jan 5, 2008
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I am retired. I used to play chess in my younger days and am going back to playing this which is my favorite pastime Thank you that we have I favor playing chess here rather than in other sites offered in the internet. I would be offering this amazing site to friends and had already invited some of them. Chess has been my love but I haven't developed or trained myself to become a real good chessplayer. Thanks a lot to the people who invented this game. One can get so absorbed in it that nothing else would matter! It makes you forget the worries and problems of life, an excellent diversion so to say... I wish I could win a tournament offered here. Lots of things yet I must learn. I am weak in the opening theories and other tactical issues so I must keep on learning. I do not favor the Ruy Lopez opening anymore but find it, as well as the Sicilian defense still attractive.

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