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Hello, welcome to my one hundred and twentieth bio on this website. I'll reveal my name at the end of this bio. If your patient, you'd get to know my real name, which has spam. Warning that this bio may have no Grammar issues if you live in another country, get ready to be angry with slang. If you read my bio, then tell me in notes, and food is on your way. I prefer messages more than chat.
My name is Megan. Call me my name or else you're going to be yeeted. Also, pronouns are she, her, they, them. I like to listen to Blackpink, Ariana Grande, Melanie Martinez, and Dua Lipa because I only remember them on the radio.
I don't block people a lot, but you must have hurt me or didn't follow the chat rules from Toodles to the ones who block me. If you block me, then run away out of my profile.
I'm probably offline studying, doing homework or classwork, playing prodigy, class, or other stuff. My m-cast test is coming up soon.

I only own Anime Academy of Sorcery, so I'd appreciate it if you would join. Also, some support for clubs is McSlash's Fans, DESIGNERS, and Road to GM.

Don't friend me on prodigy because I don't want to dump all my old friends for new ones. I'm very op there, and you can play with me there when I'm online, and I say, "ok"; I play a lot of bounties, tourneys, ruins, and pretty much a lot of stuff an op player would do.

I like eating egg custard tarts, ice cream, Italian food, french food, Japanese rice, rice, and stew. "So your Vegetarian?" "No, I'm Korean." - Jeenie Weenie. I like to eat vanilla ice cream and cookie dough.

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(🌻)Happy.  ( 🌧) Sad. (☘️)Bored. (🌻& 🌧)Happy and Sad.  (🌪) Angry.

(🥀)Sleepy. (🌋)Lonely. (🎃) Scared. (✨) Fine and OK. (🥮️) Hungry. (🦋) I believe I can fly.

How are you? How are you? I would probably ask you that in every single chat or message. Talk to me in communications, not the chat of inconvenience for me. I remove bg for these chibi pictures in my bio, which is off-topic. To replace to "laugh out loud," 👁👄👁; Don't worry, if you are bullying me I won't go that hard on you😊...