People Live, People Die! People Laugh, People Cry! Some Give Up, Some Still Try! Some Say Hi, While Some Say Bye! Others May Forget You, But Never Will I! Hi all! So much in love with Chess and I love playing the game during my spare time. It has been very lucky of me to have found this superb brilliant platform and site; thanks to this "brain's turbo-charging" of; you're the best chess game site compared to other site. I love and crazy of chess game since I was about 13 years old when I first joined our school chess club many many years ago. My favourite openings is e4 Sicillian. Sometimes I got so very frustrated of how many foolish mistakes moved I've made that blundered all good strategic moved I've made earlier but no doubt I've learn a lot and improve my game through mistakes . I've discovered that this game of chess is very tricky and sharp fast mentality, strategic moved and time management is so very important. Beside that we also having the opportunity to meet lovely people from all around the globe, exchange views, opinions alike and making friends with lots of fun. See you all guys and enjoy the game and have fun♥♥♥   Oh! How I love My coffee!♥