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Seattle, WA, United States
May 1, 2010
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Cheers, from the Pacific Northwest USA.

I previously played quite a lot on FICS while in college and graduate school, racked up 75+ days total online under account 'plux'.

I haven't played seriously for 10+ years but have returned to the online chess world...

I have a very unusual work schedule, most often working 3 days per week, Fridays through Sundays. This means I usually respond much faster to games and chat messages during the week compared to the weekend (unless it's one of my half-dozen weekends off each year!)....

Hobbies/interests include way too many things. It might be easier to list the things I have little interest in (politics, opera, country music, etc).

Many interests: Biology, medicine (particularly neurology), astronomy/astrophysics, history of science, etc. Also playing guitar, and many different games including multiple board games (chess of course! also backgammon, etc), card games (especially poker), video games, etc.

I am a native English speaker with some knowledge of basic Russian. I am trying to learn Spanish presently through a combination of various smartphone apps.

I'm a strong believer that there is something to learn from every game; especially from the failures... if you are interested in going over a game together after we finish I'd be more than happy to do that!! (just keep in mind my odd work schedule...)

I am constantly learning new things. Literally, constantly. The day I stop learning will the day I die. Simple as that.

best wishes for great games, ~Plux

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