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Martin Zeman

Nova Viska u Chrastavy + Litomysl, Czechia
May 9, 2008
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11 hrs ago
Supporting member since Sep 18, 2008

National Team Admins, beware! Don't send me any requests to deal with League Team Matches (lock them, etc). I consider that spamming. I will ignore that and you might find yourself blocked by me. I don't manage Czech national team matches in any way. Try to contact LancelotDuLac instead.


I am a physical chemist (Mgr., master degree) working in hospital in Liberec. I am not married. I live in Nova Viska in my cottage. My hobbies: Chess, motorbiking, winter swimming, card games, good tea, mysteries. I also thought i became apiarist, but i don't have enough time. I learned rules of chess when i was 8 years old, competitively i play from my 11. I came from Litomysl, where i play in a local club. I won junior regional championship when i was 18. I won or shared 1st place in our club championship tournament 3 or 4 times. In regional championship tournament i was once 2nd and once 3rd. Online chess i started playing 8 years ago at chess.hogan.cz, but i was soon repulsed by chess engine cheaters, so i continued OTB only. Chess.com i found by Google (Batgirl's blog). My FIDE card.


My favourite song almost cost me my mental health!

Chess is related to self-esteem. Chess can help, but chess can harm too. Self-esteem is related to drinking and eating habits. Chess made me both. Yigor wrote I am obsessed. Maybe I am.


As ICCF possesses no authority anymore (has failed to police computers in CC), I have decided to proclaim CC great-grandmaster myself. So if you contact me and you aren't either staff, member of anti-ICCF group, on my friend list or we don't know each other in real life, call me with that title, or I will regard you as rude person.

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