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Narangren Tirthallion

Icewind Dale, United States
Oct 3, 2018
Last Login
23 hrs ago

I am a person who likes chess, RPGs, science, and games of all kinds. I love to go camping and help people. I am very fond of the King's Pawn Opening: King's Head Opening. I am on Lichess as Potato50012 and D&D Wiki, Wikipedia, and Discord as Rorix the White.


Chaotic Good

Your alignment is chaotic good. You believe in the importance of putting the interests of your fellow being before your own, but cannot stand to be forced to conform to another's laws or ideals. You usually act on what your heart tells you to do, rather than what the authorities tell you. You don't believe that anyone has the right to repress another being for any reason, and probably value personal freedom above all else. You concern yourself with the difference you can make here and now, and if someone doesn't like how you get things done, that's their problem. Chaotic goods often make excellent rebels and folk heroes. Most chaotic good adventurers die rebelling against authoritarian forces of evil. In the afterlife, you will probably spend eternity revelling in the beauteous lands of Arborea, experiencing an endlessly unpredictable cycle of joy and sorrow. Stronger souls may carve out their own lands within the plane, places of endless feasts and frivolity. http://www.angelfire.com/rpg/annwn/Alignment_Test.html



- Roniltator Syndrome: The condition where one suddenly starts acting as if the club notes are for only 100% on topic posts, and begins to alienate some of their friends with autocratic rulership.

-Werewolf2 Disease: The condition where a member (usually applied to an SA or admin) becomes increasingly less active, starting slowly at first, and then quickly becoming total inactivity.

-Flying Cat Condition: The condition where one closes accounts (or they are closed by the site) and makes new ones repeatedly to get away from the problems associated with the old one, but it does not work.

P.S. I lost The Game!

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