This was a game against the #35 best player in Australia CM Jesse Jager, a great young Australian chess player. Let me warn you the game is entertaining. 

Hello Guys,

My name is Adeeb Keshtiar and I live in Melbourne and I am 12 years old

My personal goals on for this year 2021 is to make it to 1800+ in bullet, 1600+ in blitz and finally 1700+ in rapid. Bullet chess is my strength so I am just gonna be a dirty person and play every single hyper bullet event I can find and play in it lol.

I hope everybody stay safe during these unprecedented times.  

One of my most big brain games against Chloe Chen

Hello Guys once again,

I was not able to get the pgn but somehow managed to get 99.1 accuracy, it was a 10 min rapid game and I was not able to get the pgn but here is the link to the game

I played against a very talented junior player, Leo Kalina while I was playing in the car. It was extremely intense on top of being car-sick so I was pleased with my performance.

As you may know my original username was sharkboy111 and I would like you guys all to know that while developing this new username of mine I was inspired by @Premoving2Much a friend of mine to use a similar username but for myself. I would like you guys all to know that this is not a duplication and that he does not own this account as well. Thank you