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About Primal Survivor - TV Program

Survival instructor Hazen Audel ventures into the most inhospitable wilderness. He relies on his instincts and ancient survival techniques that he has learnt from the natives.

About Hazen Audel - Primal Survivor Instructor

Hazen Audel is a TV presenter, biologist, natural history guide artist and craftsman. Following the success of Survive the Tribe, his National Geographic channel series, Primal Survivor, documented his adventures living with and working alongside indigenous people in remote regions of the world.

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Greeting's from Udayan, 

I love chess and watching T.V Shows and Episodes on Hotstar, National Geographic and Discovery. I like to watch and enjoy only survival serials, so Primal Survivor is my favorite TV Serial. I am his Fan and also advice you to watch his amazing seasons and episodes.

I am not so pro in writing Bio, if you love this much then comment in the below comments section in my notes, don't spam it!

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