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Jakarta, Indonesia
Dec 27, 2008
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10 hrs ago
I am IT consultant by profession. I studied my degree in Europe and now I am living in Jakarta. I have no formal chess training ...I just play and become stronger over the time ...I believe unless I systematically learn I will never be able to cross my current limit. And this is why I am here :) ...to play, to enjoy the game, and at the same time to learn ...Hey, of course to make friends as well :) Things to learn for me will be opening theories and exchange sacrifices ...Of course those are not the only things to learn because there are still a lot of rooms for improvement in my case (if you ever played with me, you might notice I have made some silly mistakes - no worry though, coz even Grand Masters made mistakes - LOL) :) Due to my profession, I prefer not to accept challenges with less than 3 days per move time control. And just because I appear online, doesn't necessarily mean I'm in front of my laptop playing chess :D Recently my online rating jumped to 2370 ...I say jumped because it is the result of winning on time from a much higher rated player who is cheater! ...From this actually I have little concern that my best win has become "2490" while from my experience so far I feel like I have to struggle very hard when facing 22xx players ...simply put, my "recorded" best win is far higher than my "actual" best win ...LOL I have been waiting to see live chess 960 in chess.com ...That will be very interesting because there will be no memorization of opening theories and hence the result will be determined by pure chess skill (for me, chess should not be about memorization --which is unfortunately unavoidable in standard chess once someone reaches particular level--)
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