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Ivano E. Pollini
Milan, Italy
Nov 10, 2012
Last Login
Apr 9, 2017
Supporting member since Nov 17, 2015

I fell in love with chess  as a young boy; but my studies and subsequent career at Milan university, where I taught physics, interrupted this wonderful love affair. Having now retired I am able to return to my youthful love with renewed freshness. 

As if playing were not enough, I have also indulged in writing about chess, publishing four books and several articles. I write mainly in Italian apart from one book written in English.  I write for my own pleasure and for that of fellow chess lovers who, like me, recognise that chess is not just another game.  I write for beginners as well as experienced players, aiming to show the richness of chess, its long, intricate history and its immense cultural heritage.

I am always eager and open for a good game on chess.com.

NB. For anyone who might be interested, my books can be found on Amazon.

"The Enchantment of Chess'" (May 2015),  "Il Fascino degli Scacchi" (April 2013),  "I Grandi Giocatori di Scacchi Vol.I: Da Philidor ad Alekhine"  (April 2014),   "I Grandi Giocatori di Scacchi Vol.II: Da Botvinnik a Kasparov" (April 2016)

Hoping for many challenging games!

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