I enjoy playing chess.  I am fascinated by it.  I learned the game when I was 14 by reading a book by B.H. Wood.  I remember thinking it was a great book for beginners to learn chess from but I don't have it any longer and don't see any mention of it anywhere.  Anyway I started beating my classmates in school fairly easily but never got beyond that.  Then I went to university, got a job, did the 10 - 5 routine, ended up with a 24/7 routine and then one fine day at age 50 I quit everything.  I retired.  I wanted to experience Europe so I took up an executive MBA offered by Stockholm University which allowed me to live in Europe legally for a year.  I loved my stay there and even managed to get my degree at the end of it!  Having been there, done that, I returned to Calcutta where my parents live.  When I was in Europe I joined chess.com and let myself get sucked back into the game.  Its been 3 years now that I have been a member here and I can say the site is helping me develop and experience a side of me that had remained undiscovered and undeveloped all these years.  I love chess, love this site and hope to just go on playing as long as I have any breath left.  So my message to everyone:  Discover yourself, Recover yourself for there is but one life!