Aug 19, 2019
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Are you ready for another awesome day @ chess.com? I hope so! Please share your happiness and support by reading my blogs. I would like to apply for a top blogger one day! 

Please share your feedback as well, through a message.

Here are my blogs- https://www.chess.com/blog/Puzzletactician

If you enjoyed one of the blogs, please stay tuned, because more are coming up!

Lastly, I have stopped doing blogs sad.png but if I get 100+ view in another one of them, I will start churning them out! Thanks!

P.S. I will not accept friend requests from people I don't know, so if you think you know me, send a friend request with a message. However, if I don't know you, it will be rejected

Ok, recently the blog https://www.chess.com/blog/Puzzletactician/puzzles-fun-and-trivia has managed to get over 100 views! The next blog will come out in less than a week! Please follow and stay tuned.

P.S. Even if you don't do this, you have just contributed to my profile views, so thanks!