Diamond Member

USCF Expert 

USCF: ~2080

FIDE: ~1900

Official USCF Club-level Tournament Director

Co-Founder (@chesspilot01 is the other co-founder) of San Jose Chess Club. We have 2 clubs, 1 where we host USCF tournaments, and one where everyone is free to join. 

San Jose Chess Club - USCF Rated

San Jose Chess Club

Titled Players I've Beaten on Chess.com:

GMs and WGMs: @DryCounty, @Tormoz, @DraggiGretarsson (bullet), @emperor87, @Thipsay, @Maili15, @Chessterra87, @Crazy_girl99

IMs and WIMs: @AlbertoChueca (5x), @ecwinslow (8x), @BrianEscalante, @awesomevishesh, @DishonorOnYourCow, a couple more (mostly in bullet)

FMs: @Blue_Capybara, @KyronGriffith, @sshivaji (2x), @Marty435, 10-15 more (mostly in bullet)

NMs and CMs: I can't possibly list all of them


  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Jigsaw Puzzles (500+ pieces)
  • Flying Drones

Favorite Sport teams:

  • NFL: Green Bay Packers. Go Pack Go!
  • NBA: Golden State Warriors

I teach chess to players of all ages with a skill level under 1700 USCF. I charge $15 for a 1 hour lesson.