May 2, 2015
Last Online
Jan 14, 2020

The Chess Time is so worst sad.png  5th times someone else had hacked me so bad       1 minute play game wasnt worked properly,,, its only 30 seconds actually that i have got 

So many jealous people in a game that supposed to be bring a happiness & cheerful 

Why people so afraid of me,, i am just a beginner that still survive in the worst level condition 

Somebody who had hacked me trust me i never hurt u nor the others 

I came here,,  just wanna playing a happy chess game not for money neither for a grandmaster degree 

I am a warm & nice friend of All of U 

I am a peaceful chess player no hate no jealous if i lost a game 

For me, Chess only just a game not much 

Kindly the Chess.com Admin or nice friends here could help me to fix it up my chess time just the way it is to be in a normal condition 

Thank U Very Much 

Terima Kasih 

Muchas Gracias Amigo y Amiga 

Arigato Ghozaimasu

Merci Beacoupe 


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