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London House, United Kingdom
Jul 23, 2007
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Oct 14, 2009

NOTE from STAFF: Our good friend Queenie has passed away. Her friend sent a letter to say thank you to all her Chess.com friends. Queenie, you will be missed!

I'm a happy sort of girl, I practice Tai chi, ('Chen Shi Xinyi Hunyuan Tiajiquan'). I love walking in the forest and along the beach. I love watching the sun rise and sunset, and I thank god for another day. I love painting, oil and water colour. I love shopping. I love family and friends, along with the strangers who may become my friend. I don't have much beef with the world, except people who tell lies, and people who are cruel to anyone or anything weaker than they are. I hate bullies. These are the things that gets my back up. I like people to be kind to each other. I just amble through life, and what I have, I'm content with, and thankful for. Although I am not very good at the game, I have always loved it, I play every day. When I first found this site, I was so sure I would never be good enough to play in a tournament of any kind, and yet Chess.com has given me the confidence to try.  I play the game just because I love it. Sometimes it drives me mad, why? because one minute you make a wrong move and fall flat on your face, the next, you spot a great move, make it, and feel so elated. I am competitive, and want to win. Plus I want to beat that computer game, but never can. I just hope that by playing with people, who are really good at the game, and who I would never normally get to meet, let alone play chess with them, I can learn a lot from them.

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