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Link: CN Fan Club! *I am also Admin in that Club! surprise.png

________________ - ~H O W D Y ! ! ~ ________________

- 🥶 ~“CHILLING Now… ❄️”~ 🧊


"splash, splash..."

~ Ahh… The sound of WaTeR. ~


Signed by: 𝒬𝓊𝒾𝒸𝓀𝒽𝒶𝓂𝒷𝓊𝓇𝑔𝑒𝓇!! *Proud to become Legend! 


Thing: ★ 👈🏻 ~DOUBLE CLICK, For COOKIE!!~ 🍪 ★


💣 "BOOM!!" *Nothing to see here...

-WAIT! Was that a  BOMB Explosion? 🫨

Broom, VROOM!!


BM(People who have chatted With Me).
~RAINBOW!~ *It is a lettering test, also I think it looks COOL... 🌈~
cheeseburger - surf1k
7 Move Win Against 1600 in Blitz! 🫠
White: @NirupanRaju                                                                        Black: @Quickhamburger
"100% ACCRUACY."
"ERROR 404..." 
What you have searched for has not been found.
 no ._.*ErROr 400... BAD REQUEST.  

~*🤤 Also loves eating noodles… 🍜 ~   
~ 😋 Loves eating HAMBURGERS. 🍔

💢 -My rating so low..... - cry 
Made #1 in CHAMPION! Advanced to: LEGEND!!  😎 *Mentioning Again.
-~~ < If a opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. > ~~- 
Gender: Boy.
~~Hi Welcome To My Profile!!~~ 👈
😃  6 Things About Me: 
1.Favourite animal: Cats, Pandas and Foxes(Also likes sea animals). 
2.Favourite Sport: Basketball(I also like football!). 
3.Favourite Hobbies: Drawing, Chess, Basketball Marine Biology and Swimming.
5.Also Likes: Hamburgers, Pizza AND Sushi! 
6.Favourite Colour: Blue(Any colour that's blue or green example Cyan).
Friend Requests and Messages are ACCEPTED(Mostly).
12 Fun facts about you!!
1. You are a human(or alien).
2. You are reading this right now.
3. You know something about Chess.
4. You can't eat 1 million tacos in one minute.
5. You live on a planet or float in space.
6. You eat food of some sort.
7. I have one more view.
9. You skipped number 8...
10. You check if there is a number 8. 🤔
11. You find out there in NO number 8...
12. You LaUgH that you fall for it. *Maybe u laugh. Hmm...
~Thanks @Gingerbread-cookie for the nice comment!!~
*CopiloT? Does this look better? Copilot, Knows Me!
BRUH... Copilot, says I have a admiration for Chess Legends...
I am FuNnY...? 😜
*Yeah I bring humor to battles...
Oh yeah here's an Amazing game with Two consecutive BRILLIANT moves!!(analyse it if you want to, btw I got 96.4% accuracy)

✌🏻~ Life is full of beauty!! ~ 💎 

"Earn MONEY By Growing Money!"
"How Easy Could It Be?"
"Do It NOW!!"


*btw the person playing black is a: FM!*

Famous Thing: *ßTÅTÜŠ ĘÑTĒRÈD. *Why is Status only 50 Characters-

~Chess Memes~