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Rafi Chowdhury
Memphis, United States
Dec 4, 2008
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Rafi received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2014 from the University of Memphis. As a student at the U of M, he founded the University of Memphis Chess Club, now a flourishing student organization. Rafi’s other involvement as an undergraduate include Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, Student Activities Council, Helen Hardin Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, and numerous other societies, clubs, and organizations. Rafi is also a very avid class A chess player of national caliber. He started playing at the age of 12 and has been consistently performing at a very high level at national tournaments since. In 2010, Rafi was ranked among the Top 100 best young chess players in the country. Rafi is currently a United States Chess Federation Certified District Chess Coach as well as a USCF-certified Local Tournament Director. Apart from academia and competitive chess, Rafi is also very heavily involved in the community. Recently, he has been honored the Leonard S. Malmud Recognition award by Zeta Beta Tau fraternity for his community service projects. Previously, Rafi served as the Manager of Shelby County Chess Club and held a position as the Lead Instructor for Mid-South Chess. He coached for Mid-South Chess since the age of 15 until August, 2014. Now 22, Rafi is pursuing a career in internet entrepreneurship and investment business. Most recently, Rafi founded his company, Chowdhury’s, whose primary aim is to provide chess leadership education to students in local schools. He plans to complete his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Memphis in the future. He is currently involved with several chess projects as well as the development of the social networking website, myCampusHacks.com.


As one of the sharpest and most experienced young chess coaches in the state, Rafi has been coaching some of the brightest rising chess stars in the city at numerous clubs and after-school programs through Mid-South Chess. In fact, Rafi has given hundreds of lectures at local schools and clubs including Lausanne, Grace Saint Luke’s, Hamilton Elementary, The University of Memphis, Bolton High School, and many others. He lectures on a variety of chess-related topics including strategy, motivation, calculation, opening theory, and endgame principles. Whether he’s lecturing to a group of parents or a crowd of kindergartners or college students, he is known for his eloquence and easy-to-understand teaching strategies. Rafi’s lectures are sprinkled with humor, yet convey a direct and clear message to his students. His lectures are capable of captivating the attention of an entire classroom full of students, yet individualized enough to cater to the specific needs of each student in his class. With over 10 years of playing and 7 years of coaching experience under his belt, today Rafi still continues to share his love for the game with up-and-coming young chess enthusiasts from all across the city through Chowdhury’s Chess Leadership Program. Most recently, he has developed a 10-week chess leadership program which teaches students about leadership, entrepreneurship, and psychology using the game of chess as the primary platform. The aim of this program is to not only provide students with a comprehensive chess education, but also educate them on how to translate these skills learned through chess into other domains.

Lecture Topics

  • Rules of the Game
  • Opening Theory
  • Middlegame Concepts
  • Philosophy / Economics in Chess
  • Understanding Imbalances
  • Endgame Principles
  • Chess Psychology

Requesting Lectures

Please email [email protected] for more information.

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