@Snowflake100 (welcome back, my friend) - God who constantly typos and refers to themself as “good".

@HuntressesofArtemis - About the kindest renowned troll on Chess.com, also great.

@1c6O-1 - Willing to play even if my rating’s trash. I appreciate that.

Nice people:

@Kanthecarowin - I watch his Twitch stream, and we mostly interact there. He always checks his comments and chats with his viewers.

@tobi0709 - Currently seems nice.

@TechnicalFunds - Extremely supportive of me, thanks!

@hxrshaa Always up for a game happy.png.

Weird people:

@Yo3x8akb48 - Literally the most convincing troll account ever.

@XO-Yoshi - Actually pretty nice but I can’t stand the fact that they think Arty’s a noob (also why we don’t get along).