Hi my name is Rauf Us Sabid. I'm a Bengali chess player and I've been playing chess for 7 years. I'm a 13 year old who's been playing chess since 2014 and was reached up to 1830 but got tilted and lost form. In irl I'm 1600-1700 but I don't play a lot of online chess. I love and admire the former Soviet World Champions Kasparov, Karpov, Tal, Alekhine, Petrosian, Spassky, Kramnik, Topalov, Karjakin, etc. I love listening to music and playing games and reading books. I'm a boy too who loves playing and watching cricket and admire the former players of our country. My main aim now is to retain the 1800 rating and then rise further to probably 2300 and be of Master strength. Joy Bangla!

Rivals + Friends - @Thunder7 - He's winning against me but once I took him apart 10-3 happy.png. He's gone now :/

@atharv50 - One of the most brutal players I've faced. Once took him out 10.5-6.5 happy.png. Loves the English and Caro.

@Iron-Logician - Taking him apart and my brother happy.png

@ADAM_PEATY - The one opponent I wanna beat the most. Lost thrice to her/him in winning positions. The dumbest and smartest rival ever. 

@ToxicBanjoe_07 - My favourite opponent. I torture him by not letting him move with my 'stupid bloody immortal' pawns lol.

@anandichatterjee - My favourite female opponent who beat me the most among all the girls (being overtaken by Avnieee) The strongest 1000 I ever faced and kind of like my big sister.

@PrathamKini - Another favourite rival. Just a death duel against him. He's 1500

@shruthi_sriya - A girl who I crunched for 15 games before she came with her 1st win against me. She's the nicest girl I met here (formerly) and a decent 1100 (but still gets slottered against me but she's improved tremendously and is my favourite student cuz of her dedication and loyalty). -

@20181692A - The most savage 1300 I faced. His spirit is a bit Aussie and a bit Protea (cuz he often makes blunders in dead won position).

@AiryWigglyTown - 8 year old girl who destroys club by inviting so she's pretty useful as a right hand woman. Is 800 and a kind girl too.

@Rimjhim_Rahman - A 15 year old girl from my country who is pretty funny but sometimes a lil annoying. Is 600 but did beat me once.

@MyNameIsAdityaDash - He's a 10th grader and a solid 1800 who I only beat twice. Always pushing me to play players his level which is easier said than done. Also he wanted to be in my info lol.

@GM_kingoftheworld - A nice kid who's a dear friend and a good 1200. He's my fav cricket partner and best friend and deputy

@SaiSatyanandMandol - One of my heroes, best friends and streamer who's 2260. My only vivid memory of him is me winning 3 pawns against him but then losing. He tweaks and rickrolls a lot. He also wanted to be in the info lol.

@VarnikaU/@AnnabethKane21- Former 'mom' of me a 400 but a 20 year old who wears glasses like me. Just like Anandi she's affectionate but stern and a true sister. Even she wanted to be in the info XD

@Wolfstar007 - One of the closest sisters to me, a former introvert and another of my student. We got along after a fall out bargain. She also wears glasses and proved my point of people wearing glasses making them look cute. She was the one who said idc when I got banned and best sulk consoler on Earth

@VIRATKHOLI29 - A great 1300 who beat me to a pulp when I messed up. He loves Virat Kohli and is from West Bengal

@OpenJoyfulKitty - My cute cat from England who beat me a lot (and I nearly adopted him). He's always doing stuff for me and getting food and good words and pats in return

@ZanyBigClub - My cute cat from space and my trainer. The 8-year-old version of OJK. 

I've been playing and coaching for 7 years so if anyone wants to be coached tell me. Peace out, get outta here

I'm a boy and reject all girls so don't propose to me happy.png