Jun 27, 2016
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If believing that Israelites deserve to have a homeland that they payed for (For reference:Palestine Jewish Colonization Association (PJCA), Palestine Land Development CompanyJewish National Fund), during the late 19th and early 20th century, means I'm a Zionist then I'm a zionist. A visual representation of Israeli PAYED land ownerships by 1944 shown: 

Blue marks are Israeli bought settlements, green is Arabs. 

If I believe that the existence of the Israel state is FURTHER justified because we had to defend our land in 1949 war of independence, 1967 6 day war, 1973 Yom Kippur war, First and Second Lebanon War, First and Second Intifada, and having fought all these wars within a span or 50 years, then I guess I am a Zionist. 

The current Israel - Iran conflict is another example of multiple countries ganging up on Israel and not being able to overthrow it: 

The continued existence of Israel won't be stopped by bullying and mob mentality. It's not Israelites fault that Muslims and Arabs refuse to come to peaceful negotiations, despite Israel supporting 3 'Two-Nation state' solutions, the first two of which giving Israel significantly less land than Arabs. 

"Equality" - 

Hilarious Sidemen minimovie: