05/22/2024 - Happy birthday 

Have a wonderful day, you deserve the best, celebrate like that. Hugs and kisses

04/15/2024 - I'm not playing a lot, focusing more on real life... 

04/02/2024 - Feeling grateful to you all

03/25/2024 - I had a tough day...resulting on a rough one... you don't know how much I miss you. In bad days you brought hope and healed my soul... Is there anything else to say?

01/22/2024 - No remorse, no regret

11:59 pm - A final note… Almost three months ago we talked for the last time, a couple of weeks later you left and stopped replying, you didn't have to tell me but now that hurts...

It hurts that almost two years of friendship and some more months of something else didn't mean anything to you, it hurts and hurts really bad...

I have missed you so badly, I value every minute we spent together. Everyday I came to write my thoughts and feelings, it was cathartic. It helped me to process your absent, to keep my hope. It helped me until two days ago...

I realized you won't be back and there's nothing I can do about it. I need to accept it. I'm on that process, it won't be easy, it will hurt, but there's no option.

Lovers, in the end
Whisper we'll be ghosts again

I know all this sounds too dramatic, probably I should be DramaQueen (ReinaDelDrama) instead of WhiteQueenForEver (ReinaBlancaPorSiempre)...

Have a beautiful and happy life... happy.png

05:57 pm - Some weeks ago a friend told me about Depeche Mode coming to town. That morning we didn’t have tickets but decided to go to the arena… the fate would decide if we got tickets… we got them and I loved it! This was my favorite song…

Hellos, goodbyes, a thousand midnights
Lost in sleepless lullabies

Sunday's shining
Silver linings

Weightless hours
All my flowers

A place to hide the tears that you cried
Everybody says goodbye

07:07 am - My first girlfriend loved Take on me, she used to play it in special occasions…we danced  together with it hundreds of times..

For years I haven’t been willing to listen to other versions, I skip all proposed remixes and mashups. I wanted to keep the original in my mind with no changes, I wanted to keep the moment in my memory as it was.

About a month ago YouTube proposed this mashup…It knows I like both, they are not in my regular playlists but when I get nostalgic, I play them dozens of times in a given day…

It’s hard for me to tell the meaning of as it was, but I get some references, dad, traveling, etc. and more importantly, not being able to go back…

I accepted the change, there’s no option, no way back, you can’t walk backwards…

I decided to leave my chess account by the end of today… it’s painful now, but it’s radical acceptance 

I’ll be gone…by the end of today…


11:59 pm - I was expecting a message from you today, we don’t celebrate this all days, do we? Oh, you forgot it…

it’s clear now, you don’t care or you forget about me… Still thinking about you but also thinking I will stop…

I’ll be gone … in a day… or two…


07:06 pm - Probably it doesn’t make sense to keep going…

Take on me (take on me)
Take me on (take on me)
I'll be gone
In a day or two


08:29 pm - I think I know something about you, just like you know some things about me, we knew each other with our daily conversations. However, think about it, everybody always have some secret, something they don’t share with their significant others, their spouses, their friends or their families. Everybody has private thoughts that are not shared with anyone else… Would it be great to have the chance to swap places with one person, the one you trust the most, the one you love, the one that you want to know you in such an intimate way that the only alternative is to be for some minutes or hours or days in their place… would you swap places with me? You would understand my feelings, my fears, my motivations, wouldn’t you? Would you swap places with anyone? I would with you happy.png

09:35 am - If I would believe in a god...

I'd make a deal with God
And I'd get him to swap our places

01/12/2024 - Would you swap places with me?

10:32 pm - There was a light snowing tonight, the ground is white in some areas. I like it. It’s cold out there… I wish you were here… 

And there's nothing that I wouldn’t do for you
Do for you, do for you
Oh, 'cause you got inside my head

…inside my head … and my heart happy.png

08:15 am - Please forgive me, if I did something wrong it was not my intention...

Thinking, oh that, baby, I was wrong
I was wrong, I was wrong
Come back to me, baby, we can work this out


08:11 am - Did I mention you have been in my mind? happy.png


09:50 pm - I'm quiet tonight, so I will only say...

Give me one more chance
Let me be your lover tonight
Give me one last chance
and I'm gonna make you sing happy.png


11:32 pm - Just…

Give me on more chance and you will be satisfied happy.png

10:42 am - It's cold and cloudy here, but thinking about us in a warm summer day wearing  sundresses and laying on the grass while we watch the sunset holding our hands...

We're free to fly the crimson sky
The sun won't melt our wings tonight
Oh now
Oh, yeah


10:44 pm - Some days ago I was on the grocery store, and this song sounded in the background. I paid attention to the guitar riff and then the lyrics… “Even better than the real thing”… It was so familiar and resonated a lot… after Shazam showed the name and the band, everything made sense… I heard a lot of U2 when my dad drove me to school some years ago… I miss you dad and also miss you bestie…sad.png You were a dream, but even better that the real thing happy.png


11:58 pm - Getting back home and of course checking, you are not online… sad.png I will check again tomorrow happy.png

06:54 pm - I’m trying to keep myself busy… today I was out and just came back home… irremediably checking if you are online… happy.png


09:03 pm - Busy day… I start thinking you where a dream… a beautiful sweet dream… happy.png


11:56 pm - I went out tonight and just came back. It used to be exciting to get back being a little tipsy and to check if you were online, the couple of times we got online at the same time were really fun... happy.png

09:52 am - During my childhood my father taught me not to say 'Good bye' but to use 'See you later' as a way to express we will be together again. In general, I never say Good Bye, at that sounds absolutely like the last time you will see someone... As I mentioned I still hope to talk to you later... happy.png


07:05 pm - Just in time for our daily session… While you hypothetically connect, I would like to clarify something… I miss you, I hope you have noticed it. I miss you but I’m not sad. I miss our conversations… the long one, the short ones, the quick messages sharing something or telling me you won’t be available, the several time we connect during the day just to check if the other one is online, I miss the excitement, the chills when I discover the green box in your photo… I miss you like someone that trust we will meet again…that’s why I’m not sad, I’m still hoping to see you soon…

Just let me adore you

07:26 am - Just let adore you...

Honey (ah-ah-ah)
I'd walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you


11:50 pm - I remember those times when you didn’t have anything to say… and we just hanged around together…

You don't have to say you love me
You don't have to say nothing
You don't have to say you're mine


10:22 am - Someone called me historian, I guess that’s is because I’m keeping track of some of the times I get here and think about you…to be honest I register less than I think… otherwise we might end up with thousands of comments here happy


09:27 pm - Just checking if you were here…

I will be with you again

09:27 am - You probably like more Taylor’s but this song reminds me when I was a teenager and took my father’s car to meet someone about 1:00 am on New Year’s Day. Since then I have had a fascination for awakening in the middle of the night

I want to be with you, be with you, night and day

Nothing changes on New Year's Day, on New Year's Day

01:36 am - Happy new year! I wish you were here… May you dreams come true in 2024


01/01/2024 - - - - - - -  Happy New Year...I want to be with you, be with you, night and day

05:33 pm - Last day of the year… last day to miss you… in 2023. happy 

12/31/2023 - - - - - - - 

07:40 pm - Hanging around, and checking who is here. You are not… absent!

09:14 am - I have been busy at work… but still thinking about you

Honey, I don't want it to fade
There's things that I know could get in the way
But, I don't want to say goodbye
And I think that we could do it if we tried

12/30 - - - - - - - 

11:28 am - It’s Friday!! it’s also duel time, In 2023, You were my best friend with 30+ rated games, and certainly twice more unrated. Even if don’t consider hard data you were my bestie, my partner in crime. I have missed you so badly. 

Get back soon, we will play, chat and many more, as we did it. You just need to say Hey, I will reply and you would say Yay!

12/29 - - - - - - - Full moon on cloudy skies 

11:40 pm - I will only say…

Wishing that you were mine, pull you in, it's alright

12:13 pm - You know what's on my mind...

I think we could do it if we tried if only to say, "You're mine"


07:35 am - Know that you and I shouldn't feel like a crime… thinking on you, what else?


12:30 am - It has been cloudy, but finally today full moon is visible and its light is coming to mesmerize me and make me fantasize... guest who is going to be in my dreams...

12/28 - - - - - - -

07:19 am - Not feeling well this morning, but thinking on you...


01:35 am - I’m missing you so badly.  Have you thought on me during the last two months? When you see the moon, the beautiful full moon we have tonight, do you think about me? 

12/27 - - - - - - -

10:13pm - Moon has always mesmerized me...there's nothing most beautiful that awake in the middle of the night and see the moonlight coming through my window and painting everything in that pale blue. Probably I'm too corny, but moon always make me thing we could be seeing the moon at the same time, it's the same moon...of course, I'm thinking about you and I hope you remember me ... at least once in a while


08:31 pm - I’m lost tonight… please come back and find me

07:16 am - Thinking about you...

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it

12/26 - - - - - - -

04:28 pm - My reply to your bad timing is… Merry Christmas with all my L.O.V.E. 

10:37 am - You said bad timining, I thought there is never a good time for that… Today, I realized, you were right, the worst timing. Thinking about you.

12/25 - - - - - - - 

10:00 pm Merry Christmas! Thinking about you… the unforgettable one

04:16 pm You are unforgettable… I can’t avoid thinking about you . Now, one of the classics my grandpa and grand uncle used to play during holiday gatherings by Nat and Natalie

12/24 - - - - - - -

05:03 am - This season always reminds me old music. My granddad, my dad, my uncles and aunts used to play their favorite classics during family gatherings… probably that’s why I listen to music almost all the time…my family is noisy… and yes, old music makes me remind people… including you

12/24 - - - - - - - 

10:15 pm - Thinking about you, singing Starving, listening to some other songs. I have missed you today, most of the day. I’m visiting BC for the holidays and a lot of memories come back. Some more nostalgia as people used to be in my life won’t be here…

12:37 am - A little sleepless… thinking about you and the way you helped me realize that there are more than what I was expecting. I know you discovered something similar

You know just how to make my heart beat faster
Emotional earthquake, bring on disaster
You hit me head on, got me weak in my knees

12/23 - - - - - - - 

07:22 pm - You don't need too many explanations...

You hit me head on, got me weak in my knees
Yeah, something inside me's changed
I was so much younger yesterday
So much younger yesterday

07:46 am - It’s simple…

Don't need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo

12/22 - - - - - - - 

09:28 pm - At the beginning I as starving but didn’t know it. I’m sure you didn’t know you were starving too, then be became friends and realized together we have all we need 

12/21 - - - - - - - 

04:16 pm - Singing .. I can't breathe, until you're resting here with me... come back and rest with me, please, nothing have changed, just come back and rest with me...

And I can't breathe, until you're resting here with me
And I won't leave and I can't hide
I cannot be, until you're resting here


07:59 am - Guessing what you are doing now... I'm thinking... you know me, sometimes I overthink...

I don't want to call my friends
They might wake me from this dream
And I can't leave this bed
Risk forgetting all that's been

12/20 - - - - - - -

08:40 pm - Another golden hour missed… one more day… tonight I went out for a walk, it’s cold but the sky is clean. You can see many stars and the moon is on first quarter, in a week it will be full moon… in a week there will be two months since your last kiss. It feels like years, but still thinking about you… still missing you… still expecting our conversations… still hoping you would come to heal my soul…

08:31 am - Thinking of you... missing you...

I didn't hear you leave
I wonder how am I still here
And I don't want to move a thing
It might change my memory

12/19 - - - - - - - Feeling nostalgic

08:04 pm - I just realized it’s Monday. You usually don’t get online on Mondays!! That could be the… no, you haven’t been online for a month… it’s been a too long Monday…

07:46 pm - Another golden hour is about to finish… I’m sure today’s conversation would have been about our plans for upcoming festivities… I’m starting to feel a little nostalgic, some important is not anymore with us… you seem to be far, far away… For now, I can only say you were important to me, you still are… never hesitate to contact me again, I will be happy to hear from you… 


11:10 am - Everything is OK, nothing to worry about... Thanks for being with me in the hard moments... you know like when people ... never mind... Everything is good for now.


08:51 am - Waiting…getting a little nervous… waiting… thinking of you… waiting… watching you photo… waiting… thinking of you more… waiting… my appointment was 8:00 am! What’s going on? … waiting… did I mention I miss our conversations? … waiting… a little anxious… waiting… I will close my eyes, breath deeply, and fantasize… that always makes me relax… talk to you soon…

12/08 - - - - - - -

09:52 pm - Where are you now? Do you remember me? Was it just a fantasy?

Where are you now
Was it all in my fantasy
Where are you now
Were you only imaginary
Where are you now

12/17 - - - - - - - 

09:54 pm - Hey! It was great when both got together after going out. It was so exciting to chat with you late night. I miss those conversations, get back soon 

01:16 am - were you a dream? Did we talk late night? I think both of us were tipsy?, hahaha so much fun

12/16 - - - - - - -

08:44 pm - Golden hours has gone one more night… where are you now?

05:29 pm - Finally at home… I’m so tired…

09:22 am - I’m tired… I need to talk to you.. I need you to come and heal my soul every other day

12/15 - - - - - - -

10:16 pm - Among all this uncertainty… friends are always here… thanks MK, you are special too, and I have missed you too.

07:06 pm - it's getting harder to be optimistic...

09:10 am - I was about to share a large list of updates… after 15 minutes of writing I decided that should only go to one person… that one that helped to set my soul free, I’m missing you so badly… and as I mentioned writing here has be cathartic… look for the good in everything wink.png

12/14 - - - - - - -

07:48 pm - it always seems impossible until it’s done…I’m thinking about you, starting the new business, getting a new job, doing something you think it’s impossible… you can do it, leave that comfort zone and make your dreams come true, you can do it!… still thinking about you, about me, about us, it’s seems impossible but we could do it…

09:04 am - Here is my most optimistic song. Often It can change my mood and bring me joy. Contrary to most songs, for this son I listened to lyrics before chords, rhythm and notes, the first verse with almost no music was the reason:

Look for the good in everything
Look for the people who will set your soul free
It always seems impossible until it's done
Look for the good in everyone

By the time the music started these four lines had already made me feel in love with it. In one of our last conversations you told me you liked I smile most of the time, that's why, I always assume a positive intention, I always try to get the best of every situation, I look for the good in everything... I look for the good in everyone.

12/13 - - - - - - -

04:21 pm - Not in a good mood today, but busy. I didn’t have time to feel sad… missing you

12/12 - - - - - - -

09:01 pm - Just checking… still optimistic… hahaha. Once I asked you for a song that makes you happy no matter what. You told me one, but didn’t ask about mine. Can you guess it? it’s not a popular one but try to guess.

09:02 am - Being optimistic today... You will be back soon happy.png

12/11 - - - - - - -

07:49 pm - Golden Hour checking … hahaha… I miss you

04:37 pm - Watching photos…

Been looking through the texts and all the photos
But don't you worry I can handle it
No, don't you worry I can handle it

Yes, believe me, I can handle it. If I say I’m thinking of you, I don’t expect you to do anything but to know that I appreciate you, I miss you and I’m here for you if you decide to get back… don’t you worry I can handle it

12:35 pm - Thinking of you…

12/10 - - - - - - - 

11:02 pm - I’m tipsy now. Do you remember when both were tipsy together? It was funny, another way to know something about you.

03:43 pm - Do you remember that small video I recorded for your birthday? Do you still have it? … I’m also curious, do you still watch our videos? 

11:30 am - You didn’t say it explicitly, but your comments and actions showed you where not serious, but when I feel appreciation for someone I don’t expect the same back. Well probably yes, but in the sense of being honest and genuine. You did it, thanks. Either way, when I appreciate people a tend to give without expecting anything. Every minute I reserved to prepare something for you or just hang around with you was a precious gift I wanted to give you. No remorse for that, I will do it again with no hesitation

12/09 - - - - - - -

03:01 pm - I have been thinking about the several signals you sent and I ignored. Yes, several time your actions and comments told me it wasn't serious. I didn't care I kept thinking about you as a friend, as a loved one, as a possibility... actually if I didn't consider you a possibility I would be writing this. Don't judge me for keeping trying here, even if these lines mean nothing to you it's been cathartic for me.

10:35 am  - Thinking of you... It's Friday! Today we should have a bullet duel, shouldn't we? I sincerely hope everything is going well with you. I miss our conversations, duels, everything... I (still) hope you reply soon...

12/08 -------

10:02 pm - Just checking if you got online… you didn’t and I still miss our conversations. I have been busy but always find myself taking a break thinking of you… tonight I’m wondering what you are planning for holidays… I don’t have a plan yet. (I just deleted two paragraphs of comments about my day… I realized I need you to hear me  and ask)… I really miss those conversations… such is life. I will try to leave my comments next time.

06:23 pm - Several times you told me not to pay so much attention to you... I didn't listen to... I'm still thinking about you... that's the way it is

09:23 am - To be fair... You told me you were curious, you also asked me not to take it seriously... I didn't want to listen to... and still refuse to believe it

12/07 -------

09:09 pm - I was curious... For months I was just curious and you were too!

08:34 pm - Ending of another golden hour without you...

06:07 pm - The golden hour is coming… Where are you? How have you been? Is everything going well?

08:12 am - You've been out of reach, could you explain... I'm curious... was it serious? 

12/06 -------

10:12 pm - Going to bed... missing you one more day... and night 

08:35 pm - Usually the end of the Golden hour unless you were willing to stay longer

07:14 pm - This used to be my Golden hour... You didn't need no light to see me shine

It was just two lovers, playing on a chessboard, listening to Taylor,
Falling for each other, dark and rainy days, feeling super sexy,
There's no boyfriend here, missed a call from my father,
Like, "Where you at tonight?" Got no alibi.

I was all alone with the love of my life
She's got glitter for skin, my radiant beam in the night
I don't need no light to see you
It's your golden hour (oh-ooh-oh)
You slow down time
In your golden hour (oh-ooh-oh)

07:20 am - I'm not feeling well today... anyway, checking if you are online

12/05 -----

08:00 pm - Could you remember when you started seeing a person in a different way? When did they attract you? When did you see a detail that made you think that person was different, unique? I can’t tell you the exact date but I remember some of those moments. Thinking about you… still expecting to see you online soon…

11:04 am - Have you ever... thought about those moments when you meet someone? You never know how deep that relationship will go on, how far that friendship will get... Would that become on something else? or you will just forget that person after a couple of encounters? 

12/04 -------

08:57 pm ... You didn't  need no light to see me shine...

08:24 pm - Justifying I’m here because you might be later…  hahaha… no, you are not

07:17 pm - Quiet Sunday… just regular things, laundry, think about you while I bend clothes, clean, groceries, think about you while waiting for 7:00pm… check your pfp don’t have a green square…

09:36 am - Almost 40 days and 40 nights since your last kiss and you haven’t come and saved my life… I hope at least some day you read my messages…

12:20 am - Still in denial, otherwise shouldn’t be online at midnight expecting to find you… but this time is different, for the first time I imagined you living you life without me, with no thoughts about us, not even remembering me. Probably I don’t deserve a single memory… and that is sad because I remember you every single day sad.png


07:09 pm - Still in denial hoping to see you online soon… for now it’s time for me to go out to real life… see you at midnight or later… hopefully you would say something…

06:57 pm - This is the time I used to be excited for… Yes, in a few minutes you would be online…


01:16 pm - I'm still on denial... so, let me pretend I'm chatting with you, as usual, and you are quiet today, just listening and replying some of my comments...

I have listened to this song (Out of My League) for several days... I have played it over 50 times in the last days and since today I'm working from home it sounds loud while I sing it and dance alone.

Here it is the story, I was traveling to the US. While I was waiting at a restaurant line a catchy song sounded in the background, it wasn't Out of My League, but Walker (also by Fitz and The Tantrums)... the song stuck to my mind for weeks without knowing which song was that. For weeks I asked friends about that song an nobody could guess which song I was referring to. After a couple of months, my cousin told me he knew it. For months he enjoyed watching me trying to explain the song for people to help identify it. He finally told me it's on the soundtrack of a movie... I ran to watch that movie, and boom... I discovered Fit and the Tantrums and other of their songs.

When I first listened Out of My League I fell in love with it! I love the vibe, the rhythm, keyboard at the beginning, the lowering and pause just before the riff. As usual, I first paid attention to music without noticing lyrics... after listening to it several times I started paying attention to the lyrics, but didn't resonate a lot with the idea someone could be out of my league.

After you went silent for days I noticed you have always been out of my league. This song has been in my mind all time for the last five or six days and now it makes total sense... I love the music and finally the lyrics resonate a lot...

You were out of my league
Got my heartbeat racing
If I die, don't wake me
'Cause you are more than just a dream


07:40 am - Just another day... in denial... Please come an chat with me, even if you stay quiet and just listen to. I have some updates, not precisely good news but updates... haha... just come and chat as we used to do it. More than just a dream, more than just a dream, ooohh, ooohhhh, ooohhhh ... come and save my life...


08:33 pm - In denial... I'm not sad or feeling depressed because I'm still thinking you will show up any day and we would chat as usual. We have been friends for over a year and a half and I tend to see friends as life long relationships. I didn't mention it, but I'm still in touch with my best friend from elementary school, a couple from middle school and several more from high school and university. I will keep writing here to you, I will keep checking if you are online and I will expect you to send me message any day... See, the more likely I'm in denial...

07:32 pm - Checking if you are online... you are not sad.png

12:20 pm - It's duel time... if you dare... hold on isn't it Friday? Damn it's Wednesday!!

07:16 am - Checking if you are online. Actually, I have only one daily game and AFS already lost that match. Should I keep playing or just resign?


09:18 pm - What I miss the most is our safe space to talk. We chat about everything and some times nothing, but I enjoyed every minute, even when you were not talkative... You were just the right kind

07:18 pm - Just checking again

02:03 pm - I keep coming just to check if you are online... Got my heartbeat racing... expecting to see that little green square in your photo

08:50 am - Thinking about you... Yeah, you were more than just a dream... and I'm still dreaming about you every day


06:44 pm - Realizing you were out of my league...

09:04 am - Missing you badly

07:40 am - Just checking... thinking about you

01:40 am - Have you seen the moon? Sorry for sounding cheesy, but when moonlight enters through my window makes me think about people I appreciate… thinking about you...

12:39 am - Just checking... losing the hope


01:36 pm - More than a month… still waiting… hoping


11:10 am - Thinking about you … last night I…
01:54 am - It’s cold out there, but I’m felling h*


11:14 am - Thinking about you


09:04 am - Thinking about you... as usual... hahaha

07:12 am - I'm tired sad.png ... but feeling grateful ... happy Thanksgiving to my US friends


10:58 pm - A little tipsy…thinking about you
09:14 pm - Checking… every time is taking shorter… sweet dreams 
10:20 am - More cuteness in my mind

08:44 am - Thinking about ... cuteness

07:31 am - Checking my daily game... yes, just one... I used to have about 30-40


10:41 pm - Just checking… no news sad.png
10:04 am - You know me... it's hard to stop once I started

09:38 am - You know I live on a fantasy world, don't you? I'm fantasizing now

07:11 am - Thinking about Maximum Cuteness 


07:19 pm - Shall we play or chat?
10:25 am - Thinking about you...

08:33 am - Just checking...sending you a mail


09:07 pm - We should be chatting

02:27 pm - Quiet Sunday here, it’s a pity we can’t play

10:09 am - Remembering the last video


11:54 pm - Just checking... still thinking - By the way some progress with Ms. E

8:29 pm - Going out... still thinking

7:26 pm - Thinking about cuteness


06:59 pm - For days I just waited to know about you... I was trying to be positive and respect your request... I would wait all the time you need... I missed you for a few minutes... I'm in panic... you closed your account!!! Why? Why you didn't let me know your plans? Why?

11/16/2023 - The day you leave

07:12 pm - I'm wishing to see your eyes...

At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays
I saw the life inside your eyes


06:55 pm - When I can't find the right words I share songs, they express what I can't tell you...

You and I, you and I, we're like diamonds in the sky
You're a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy
When you hold me, I'm alive, we're like diamonds in the sky


07:00 pm - I have been thinking about all day... tempted to write you. You asked for time, I'm willing to wait for you all the time you need

So shine bright, tonight, you and I
We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Eye to eye, so alive
We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky


8:35 pm - Your last kiss... I heard a crack, something inside me got broken sad.png

8:34 pm - You felt guilty and asked for time

8:32 pm - After good long talk we follow our almost daily routine. it's not really a routine, everyday new ideas come up and we enjoy hanging out... 

10/25/2023 - Your last kiss

We agreed to sync... Cuteness in sync


I have listened to this song for days, I love it and it seems you like it too

We were blinded by desire
Strangers in the sheets
You're still haunting me
We made oceans turn to fire
I fell in too deep
Taking hold of me


I love this vibe...