Aug 1, 2008
Last Online
Jan 16, 2014

I learned chess when I was six but didn't really have the opportunity to play until Junior High School. I joined the Navy and didn't seriously start playing again until I moved to New Mexico last year. A friend at work (thx Joey Troy!) talked me into joining the NMCO (New Mexico Chess Organization). I really had a lot of fun at the Frontier Restaurant on Central Ave every Wednesday. I recently moved back to my home town of Eugene, Oregon and was going through some heavy chess withdrawals when I found! I travel a lot for work and enjoy being able to play chess.

After maintaining a pretty steady presence on for the last six months I had to resign all my 48 in-progress games. Work took me to Gorlitz, Germany and my apartment is not able to get a broadband connection so I purchased a mobile USB modem. Damn! I can log into the site but can't see any of my games. Basically, uses javascript to display the game and allow moves but since the USB modem uses data compression, I can't see the board. Had to resign or use 30 days vacation then lose on time. :(

I hope is able to fix this problem in the future. Until then ... be cool!