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Happiness will be for everyone sooner or later, wheter we like it or our Destiny

Do volunteering, help others, love everything!

My name is Anthon-J, I was born on 8 November 1980 in Turin, a marvelous city in north Italy full of history and magic..a beautiful place to live..a beautiful place to Dream..

I'm a Lover of life in all its forms, I Love music and art, animals and nature, and all the other wonderful things that life offers us, too many to say them all.

Graphic Designer, amateur drummer and percussionist, I have the Rhythm in my blood!

As good Italian I love cooking, do volunteering, help others. Creating and singing music and songs of various genres, I tell my history. I firmly believe in Love and friendship, I firmly believe in the power of Dreams, I firmly believe in the Beauty of the Soul .. which is the secret of Life.

I Love Chess too, so welcome if you want to play or be my friends!

I wish everyone a wonderful Journey and have fun! wink.png

If you feel alone, talk to me my Friend.

Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be gentle. Always. (Plato)

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Music is a wonderful gift from Heaven!

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