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Jules (My last username was kohai) astronomyorb@gmail.com

Wales, United Kingdom
Jul 19, 2015
Last Login
2 days ago
Supporting member since Jul 21, 2015

My last username was kohai.


Supporting member since August 10th, 2007 - Then between January to April 2009 my status changed from member to staff.

I had been volunteering on the site. (in the main forums and live chess) from Oct 2007 until I was asked in the mid to latter half of 2008  if I wanted the voluntary position of Moderator for both live chess, the forums, the Cheating chat/forum Group, and around the site in general.

I was approached by the site owner Erik within the first couple of months of 2009 who then offered me a paid position working for the Support section. Several years after working in Support, I ended up doing a whole multitude of jobs, which not only included Support, but a wide range outside of it, all of which I loved, especially working with Piotr  and Matias on Live chess bugs and with the site and Android Developers.  Working in Support alone for so long gave me the massive knowledgeable of the site that was needed in order for me to be able to competently work in other areas, covering other issues.

It also allowed me the pleasure of making many good friends within the Developer team, many of whom I got to meet in person on my many working trips to the USA.

                 * * * * * 

I've finally gone back to astronomy and photography. It has been a long time passion of mine but I never really did anything with it other than keep it as a hobby. Now, with time no longer an issue for me, I've gone over the thousands of photographs I have, including the astrophotographic ones, and finally got them sorted into their respective folders. Many of them (I've been told) are good enough to sell, if I were interested in doing so. I pondered on this for quite some time and have now decided to go ahead and test the waters with a few of them on a different site. If memory serves correct, I think only Erik and one or two friends on here have seen my any of my photographic work, I tend to be quite modest about them. Sadly the downfall where my photography is concerned is my lack of confidence. While every comment I've had from professional photographers has been full of praise, (and that wasn't even on my best work) my confidence is an area I still have to work on. I guess that'll come with time though or after I've made that leap into showing the photographic world my work.


While Chess.com officially opened its doors to the public on May 17th 2007, I've been a member of chess.com since August 10th 2007, (no I've never been banned and am not a sock puppet account regardless of what the profile date shows). I started off as a paying member, then was asked if I wanted to join the live chess moderating team, which I accepted.

                              After a couple of years passed, I was approached by Erik and offered a job on the Chess.com support team, I didn't apply for the post, Erik came to me and offered me the post, I didn't even know he knew who I was. My career here and the jobs/positions I took on just took off from there. and I worked my way up from the bottom as low level support up to management on both here and on chesskid. Some members may still remember me... My username was kohai.


 Who I am is no secret, I just have no plans on making a fuss of any kind about my absence, or my being back on the site after such a long absence. Its just sad how one person believing malicious rumours can ruin a persons career or badly affect it. 

I'm just here to spend some much missed quality time, fun and chatting with my friends on here happy.png 


I will say though I do miss the guys on the Dev team  a huge amount... I miss working with them and having a laugh with them. They really are a great bunch of guys happy.png


The best game I've played on here, even though I messed up the middle game. and lost.

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