Jul 19, 2015
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Will the staff kindly stop editing my profile "About Me" bio without my consent or knowledge! 

My original account/username is kohai. I've been a member here since August 10th 2007. 

I've been ex-staff/co-manager of chesscom for a few years, and now have new challenges ahead of me.

A few other current staff like to tell people that they were part of the original team, they weren't. !!

Many of my original, long time good friends are still here (thankfully). They were my main reason for staying as long as I did (as staff), and now as a member and long time friend to the original staff,  as well as the site owner (Erik). 

I now spend my time split between Twitter and Instagram with many of my Army buddies, as well as training for a 24km endurance run, wearing a 45lb rucksack up and back down a mountain 👌  This is what I did prior to working 12 - 18 hours a day, 365 days a year here. Military and mountains ❤💯🔥

I'm also an Ambassador for the USA/UK Osteoarthritis Alliance and the site HealthUnlocked.  Yup, still working online, just semi-retired from being a workaholic here!

I'm enjoying my life the best I possibly can, and thoroughly loving it!.

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