Diamond Member

My original account/username is kohai. I've been a member here since August 10th 2007. 

I've been ex-staff/co-manager of chesscom for a few years, though I will always remember the millions of friends globally that I made on here.

(A couple of other current long time staff like to tell people how they are part of the original staff, they aren't !!).

I now spend my time split between Instagram with many of my Army buddies, and training for higher, more rigorous mountains, wearing a 45lb rucksack 👌  This is what I did prior to working 12 - 18 hours a day, 365 days a year here. Military and mountains ❤💯🔥

I'm an experienced mountaineer, hill walker, long distance walker (80km + a day). I'm also an analyst, multi lingual, multi-tasker and computer geek. If I do get spare time, its spent with either my telescopes or photography (sometimes both, as an astro- photographer)

I'm also an Ambassador for the USA/UK Osteoarthritis Alliance and the site HealthUnlocked.  Yup, still working online, just semi-retired from being a workaholic here!

I'm enjoying my life the best I possibly can, and thoroughly loving it!.