Thanks chess.com. The new web is slow ,it depends of Windows system .

Al jugar inalambrico se pierde por tiempo, mejor por cable.

Is cool the thai chess makruk,is close to normal chess, more positional no great tactics.

New club for the hardest  Shatranj chaturanga players: https://www.chess.com/club/chaturanga-wc

Use,solid openings, mouse with wire ,fast net with wire and you ll get the best ratings, maybe dont give rematch add somepoints hehe. One minute Is a Garbage Game only for fast connection , they are madness games without importance or significance is No chess, only fast hand .I don t rematch with unfairplayer,sometimes I lost by mouse malfunction or the boss , maybe net very slow. A veces pierdo por estar en el trabajo y cortar o por mala red.