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Richard Lurye
Rockville, MD, United States
Dec 29, 2011
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42 min ago
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I am coming home to chess as I edge up to my 70th year.

My father, Philip, taught me the game when I was very young. I believe that he learned to play while in the Army Air Force in World War II. At that time it was not unusual for crew members to unwind by playing chess while waiting for their flight assignments.

I don't know why, but my dad and I eventually stopped playing and the game fell off my radar for many years. When it reappeared in my radar I was too occupied with my work as a criminal defense lawyer to find, or make, time for it. All the while, I imagined that I would come back to it when I had more time.

I am now making more time. My goal is to play well and demonstrate that older players can progress well and should not be discouraged by their age. 

I live in Rockville, MD which is a suburb of Washington DC. My other primary interests are photography and music. 

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