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Aethelred Templin

Wisconsin, Germany
Oct 18, 2017
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3 hrs ago
Supporting member since Aug 6, 2018

The username: A person from a story I'm working on.

A seventh grader who enjoys chess, and yes, chess is a sport.

Don't tell me how great you are, my self-esteem is toilet-class anyway.

I have won many physical trophies, which is one of the only reasons I don't sink in a depressive hole. I enjoy challenges, but if you are much better than me I will likely only play you in unrated. I love Blitz, and Bughouse is my favorite variant. I am admin of several clubs, and can be an asset to any admin team (so I've been told). I write stories and hope to have a future in literature as well. I hope to become an NM, though my peers really put me down for my goals. I have been playing chess since I was 4 (8 years) and I hope I can get better over the next few years. I do give lessons, but I don't know if most of you I can teach, so if you're new, beginner, or lower intermediate my lessons can be useful. 

My brother ( @Svansorg) and father ( @Donargott) also play on chess.com. 

Feel free to send me friend requests and challenges as I will likely accept them, and also feel free to PM me even if it's just to say hi.

Have fun with your chess!

For some odd reason I can't shake this love of Fantasy. Not that I'd want to but it's strange. 

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