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Momir Radović

Atlanta, United States
May 12, 2013
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2 days ago
Supporting member since Aug 26, 2017

ALT-Chess Square1 pioneer* in the steps of Aaron Nimzovich who enlightened his chess people, back in 1929, with the profound wisdom of how to begin at Chess Square One, on Day One, to be able to go far on a strenuous, yet most exciting and adventurous journey into the Kingdom of Caissa...


Contact me regarding any queries on ALT-Square1 - you might even join the movement to help all those who never get out of the game's Level 1 beyond the moves, some 99.5% of all entrants; think of a video game in which you never reach Level 2, absolutely no fun at all; yet, in the words of Dr. Tarrasch, chess, like music, like love, has the power to make people happy...



*pioneer, the first to explore or settle a new country or area

pion, pawn, from Latin pedes, one who walks, foot soldier, infantryman, boots on the ground

(pion in French, Romanian, Dutch, Indonesian, Serbian), var. peon, pedon, pedone, peao, piun, pijun, pionek, peoi, peð, pàn, πιόνι, piyon, piyada, pijoda, pijāde, pyādā, paidal, poon... var. pesak (Slavic, has the same meaning, a walker, pesadija, serb. = infantry) пешка, peška, пішак, pěšec, pešiak, pješak...

pion (eng.), to be beneath; to be at one's lowest status; worthless; less than; there under you, someone that's not on your level (usage: a you pion, get the f. out of here).


The pion is soul of chess, a foodsoldier; food for cannons ("cannon fodder"), soldiers regarded merely as material to be expended, wasted in war - they are food for every war fought on real or chess battlefields;

yet, without pawns, there would be no strategy in chess; they determine collective direction of all army; they fix the form and character of the topography of battlefield;

their heroic efforts and sacrifices are forgotten and their glory stolen by those who send them to bloody wars...

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