Bryan Orme
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Aug 9, 2008
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Feb 21, 2012

I have been described as indescribable, revoltingly charming, and dashing. My blue grey eyes, have the slightest hint of green, like gazing at a kelp bed in the depths of the crystaline ocean. I have never played over the board, due to the hypnotizing affect of my gaze. Out of sheer respect for the royal game, I choose to play on even terms.

I coined the term "Check Mate" over a thousand years ago in a clever turn of phrase when playing with my Persian friend, Xerxes. After springing a terribly clever tactical trap that ended in a discovered attack on the king, I declared "Shāh Māt!" as I had just ambushed his king. Apparently, he thoguht this was so clever that he used it in all of his games from then on.

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