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Offered: Professional personal online chesstraining with packages for discounts!

 I am a Dutch GM with a current rating of 2565 (September 2021) living in The Netherlands. I started to play chess from a very young age and used a lot of different trainingmethods to achieve the title of Grandmaster. At the moment my goal is to become a member of the 2600-club, to help my students raise there skills and rating, and enjoy the fun of streaming on twitch: 


I offer a personalized training programme based on your personal needs. We will take a look at your games and at your thought process during games to find out how and where you can improve.


I know that openings is a popular subject and so here is a quick view on what I play most often (although I did try a lot more):


With the black pieces: The Dutch (of which I also made 2 dvd-series), the Sicilian Taimanov, the Scandinavian and 1.e4 e5.

With the white pieces: 1.e4, and recently 1.c4.  


I offer a training package of 10 lessons with discount:


10 lessons of 1 hour:        665, - (5% discount)

10 lessons of 1.5 hours:    945, - (10% discount)

10 lessons of 2 hours:       1190, - (15% discount)

(for single lessons, 70 euro’s per 1 hour.)

Included is the package is a free intake session of a half an hour where we get to know each other and talk about how to start raising your level of chess.

Please contact me on or otherwise on