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Chessable author and full-time Chesscoach. Discounts offered for the purchase of lesson packages!

I offer a personalized training programme based on your personal needs. We will take a look at your games and at your thought process during those games to find out how you can best study at home and put in the time to become stronger as a chessplayer. 

About me: I am a Dutch GrandMaster with a current rating of 2540 (December 2023) living in The Netherlands. I started to play chess from a very young age and used a lot of different trainingmethods to achieve the title of Grandmaster. At the moment my goal is to become a member of the 2600-club and to help my students raise there skills and rating. My most recent personal accomplishments were shared 3rd place in the 2023 National Dutch Championship and 2nd place in the 2022 National Dutch Championship. 


I know that openings is a popular subject and so here is a quick view on what I play most often (although I did try a lot more):


With the black pieces: The Dutch (of which I also made 2 video-series), the QueensGambit Declined, the Sicilian Taimanov, the Scandinavian, the Alekhine on which I have also made a recent video-series on Chessable: and 1.e4 e5. 

With the white pieces: 1.e4, 1.c4 and I recently started experimenting with 1.d4. 


I offer a training package of 10 lessons with discount:


10 lessons of 0.5 hour:     350, - 

10 lessons of 1 hour:        665, - (5% discount)

10 lessons of 1.5 hours:    945, - (10% discount)

10 lessons of 2 hours:       1190, - (15% discount)

(for single lessons, 70 euro’s per 1 hour.)

Included in the package is a free intake session of a half an hour where we get to know each other and talk about how to start raising your level of chess. Also, you get one free lesson(!) if by your recommendation another person orders a package. 

Please contact me on or otherwise on