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rompers uncle

varies, International
Apr 29, 2017
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2 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jul 26, 2017

I learned chess from an older cousin when I was 10 or 11. I have never played in a club, and have not played that much OTB. Most of my chess have been played against various chess machines and computers, until joining chess.com. For me chess is a fun hobby, a game that I was enchanted by from the first day. I’m still amazed by the vast number of possibilities present in almost any position.

I like chess.com. For me, the tournament play is the best part: all the games one could want against (presumably) other humans.

I've tried most of the different types of games here, and learned which ones are best suited to my preferences. For me, the threads of thought that are part of the game get broken if they are stretched over too great a temporal distance; but at the same time my mind is older now and cannot evaluate positions quickly. Thus, I prefer daily games (1-day) with no vacation. However I am making an effort to play a few blitz games, since, I think the adrenalin factor of live chess is an important part of the game, and one that I would like to get under control

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