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rompers uncle

varies, International
Apr 29, 2017
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I've played chess since my older cousin taught me when I was 10 or 11. I've never played in a club, and have not played very much against humans. All these years I've just played against various chess machines. I've never been too good, probably because I kept the machine levels low enough so that I could win.


There are a lot of things to like about chess.com, but for me, the tournaments are the best. Here's a chance to play a lot of games against (hopefully) real people, have fun, fight hard,  maybe even learn something. I've been fried-livered; stonewalled; rebuffed by a rhinoceros, and a hippopotamus; stormed by pawns; tormented by missed mates; red-faced by blunders; etc. But so far this hasn't dented my enthusiasm for signing on to the next 'Speed king' tournament.


There are a few things not to like. Cheaters: I was a victim of one in a tournament; but their account was closed on review, and that gave me some hope that chess.com is a better place to play than most. Sandbaggers: its a bummer when you make it to the last round of an under-1600 tournament and are facing someone over 1800. But the predominant impression I have is that there are many chess players out there, of all levels, in all corners of the globe, that are really nice people too.


I've tried most of the different types of games here, and learned which ones are best suited to my preferences. For me, the threads of thought that are part of the game get broken if they are stretched over too great a temporal distance; but at the same time my mind cannot evaluate a position very quickly. Thus, I prefer faster daily games and avoid the short time controls.


So, with this in mind, I am trying to host some fast-moving 'daily', no-vacation tournaments for players who like this style of play. I'm experimenting with different rating requirements and I'm not sure where that will end up.

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