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I'm a FIDE Master (rated 2305) and a USCF Senior master (currently rated 2420). I played a lot when I was a kid (from ages 12-18) in the Caribbean, including at the 1986 World Junior Championships and in the 1985 & 1986 British Championships. I was a contemporary in the juniors with GM Michael Adams and GM Vishy Anand. In 1985 I won the New York Open Under-2200 section and the World Open Under-2400 tournaments, for a total of well over $10,000 when I was still a teenager. That was the same year I beat an International Master (Geoff Lawton) in 14 moves at The British Open Championship using the Trompowsky Attack.

I don't play that much OTB (over the board) chess any more, but I do enjoy blitz however I usually can't deal with zero increment games since I'm usually watching TV or doing something else at the same time. My preferred online chess parameters are  5 2 unrated and 3 6 rated or 2 12 rated. I have no interest in Lightning chess at all.

I think it is shameful to win a game on time when you know you have an essentially lost position on material.

I'm currently a mathematics professor in Los Angeles and live there with my husband and two dogs. Yes, I'm openly gay and have been for decades (although I didn't know I was when I won all my chess titles).