Apr 8, 2014
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Hi! Are you looking to improve your game? I would be happy to help out! I offer a course for starters and custom lessons for players up to 2000 elo. 

I'm a 23-year-old chess player from the Netherlands. Apart from playing, I love to teach chess and have been giving lessons to both children and adults for the past ten years.

Would you like to learn the main chess principles by following in the footsteps of the legendary Paul Morphy (1837-1884)? Then you might be interested in my starters course. More information can be found below. Are you interested in custom lessons? Then you are welcome to contact me on We can communicate in English or Dutch. 

Starters course Morphy
Throughout this course we let ourselves be guided by a single game of Morphy. This beautiful game will introduce you to seven of the most important principles in chess strategy. Every principle will be explained interactively in one-hour online lessons. After every lesson, you are provided with self-study exercises. We will close off with a final session to recap all principles and answer any remaining questions.

Part 0) Introductory session (free and non-committal)
Part 1) The pin
Part 2) Mate in 1
Part 3) Double attack
Part 4) Development
Part 5) Sacrifice
Part 6) Attacking a pinned piece
Part 7) Eliminating a defender
Part 8) Recap & questions

What do you receive?
* 8 online 1-hour private lessons
* documentation on all principles (pdf)
* self-study exercises

Costs: €200,-
You can also choose to follow the course together with one (€120,- per person) or multiple (€90,- per person) others.

Feedback discount
I recently created this course. Are you interested in providing feedback and willing to share your ideas on how to improve the course? Then you can participate with a 20% discount.

Would you like to plan a free 30-minute introductory session? Or do you have any questions about the course? Feel free to contact me on