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Hi. I am an avid chess player. I have played on and off for years before finally committing to a long-term training and playing plan. I have played in two OTB tournament and two online ones; I got 2 of 4 in the first OTB, 4.5 of 5 in the Alabama Scholastic State Championship U1100 Section, 3.5 of 5 in the first online(which one me the tournament), and 3.0 of 5 in the other online one. The only thing I like more then chess is writing. I write books when I’m not playing chess. I also love Alice In Chains! Rock on!
If you would like a friendly game, challenge me to a Daily game (rated or unrated) and I will accept. I don’t accept any live chess challenges or variant challenges.GGs. Thanks for playing me.

P.S. I also love Gothamchess.

I would also like to include my view on the state of the world at large. 
The middle-class/working-class struggle to maintain the bare minimum—a house not large enough for their family, a single, old car, and minimal meals—while illegal immigrants and people who abuse the system can do whatever they please because they are sent money from the government; which is simply the taxes from the working-class. 
Everyone is addicted to money and what “feels right.” No one cares anymore about others or the saving of souls. Corruption and greed cloud everything, including the internet, which people are constantly plugged into: Brainwashing the next generation. Beware. The Devil has his time, and he wastes none. He is constantly dragging you away from God, using all his available resources: Turning people against each other at every difference we have. 
I urge any Christians who hear this: Do not lose faith. All is in His hands. 
“And the night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp nor sun, for the Lord God will be their Light. And they will reign forever and ever.” Revelation 1:8. Amen