nigel mallows
reading, United Kingdom
Nov 19, 2011
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May 27, 2015

best joke; teacher says to classroom go home and think of a poem ending in timbuktu, they go home that night and return the next day, teacher says right who`s thought of a poem ending with timbuktu, little sally up the front says i have miss, she stands up and begins her poem, I WAS STANDING ON THE SAND, SAW A SHIP NOTĀ FARĀ  FROM LAND, THE SHIP WAS FULL OF CREW, DESTINATION TIMBUKTU. Teacher says fantastic three gold stars, any body else, little johny at the back of the classroom says i`ve got one miss, go on then johny, so he stands up and begins. TIM AND I WENT TO KENT, WE PICKED UP THREE GIRLS AND PITCHED A TENT, WE DID`NT HAVE MUCH TO DO, SO I BUCKED ONE, AND TIM BUCKED TWO.

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