Dec 31, 2017
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1 day ago

If you are here then you did better than I thought now just keep going 

THIS NEXT: check out my blog on here named " The next step for that person"

I am Roxy but my brothers nicked named me Rozita (for some very odd reason). 

I have 2 very cool dogs

I have lots of chickens (like around 20) 

I am _ _

I am in CA

My favorite series of books is The 39 Clues (I like it in audiobook form)

and I really love to cook a lot. (mostly baking but I like all cooking in general)

If you can draw anime I can give you a description of me and please draw one for me.

My favorite people on right now are  @XxMoonblixX, @darren_lei2019, @Rachellakitten and @darren_lei2019 and @Inner_peace13

Everybody please friend me. I do nothing and If you have dram filled stores here pleas tell me. I like my share of drama. 

Things to do when you are board

  1. practice getting stronger 
  2. get more flexible by doing stretches
  3. talk to me and I will give you more ideas I am on here all the time.
  4. go on and sign up for some language lessons
  5. make paper airplains
  6. bake.
  7. talk to me I will talk to you
  8. find an audiobook to listen to
  9. write letters to people
  10. draw a dragon