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Raju Shakya
Kathmandu, Nepal
Jun 29, 2010
Last Login
Sep 4, 2017
I am a 47 year old goldsmith of Kathmandu, Nepal. I have never played in a chess tournament . Although I was an avid chess player in my youth and fan of Bobby Fischer.I am interested in gambit and sacrifice games played for fun. I do not think of myself as a highly competitive person, but I try my best to avoid losing. Not concerned with ratings, I am willing to play anyone. I usually play at least two hours a day. I don't take the game too seriously and I don't spend a lot of time on analysis, so naturally I make lots of mistakes. I don't use any computers or databases but I will occasionally refer to my small and outdated collection of chess books. I am willing to engage in conversation during games, or not, depending on my opponent's preference. Beside online chess games, I gather along on Saturday with my other dozen chess friend . I am co-ordinating this group since 1988. When I get chance, I prefer to play with a funny man called Gambhir Man, I call him GM in short. He is very keen on playing chess but he has seldom beaten me in last 35 years.
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