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Well you’re in the right place! Anyone under 1100 will get lessons with me! Just message me and I’ll respond back and it’s free! Look no further! I’ll give you tips on how to get better and everything you need to know about!! 
Come and I’ll coach you! No$ required!!

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Welcome To My Bio

How I started chess

Every now and then, my dad would play a game of chess with me and would always beat me and was so determined to beat him. I wanted to get better and eventually, i started winning! Now, I can beat him easily🤪.  I’ve always loved chess. I have the highest rating in school and kinda tied for first place with my friend FyshFysh.( scroll down to see profile). I have tons of trophies…

As you see in the photo, there is the lego millenuim falcon, which took me 4 hours to build… an hour each day. I AM OBSESSED WITH LEGOS. MY BIGGEST SET IS THE MILLENUIM FALCON. I also kinda like pokemon as well… but guess what? There’s more!! I also did the science, history, and science bee and placed first in all 3 catagories! I was so happy. I got the medals but they’re not THAT cool so I’ll leave it out. Ooh! I even have a cool game I played against my friend FyshFysh. 

Cool huh? Ooh! I also love reading and coding and making blogs. My favorite book series is The Land Of Stories. I do swimming, chess(obviously), and (kinda) squash.  I love watching Primal Survivor on Disney Plus. (Not great for people who don’t like to see disgusting stuff. The guy had to eat and cow brain by chopping off the head and breaking it).  AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WATCHING AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER!!I also looooovvve writing comics. I’ve always wanted to be an author but i wanna be a buissness man or somthin. I also have a million stuffed animals on my bed too. My favorite ssubject is Social Studies and my least favorite is Ela.  Uuuummmm. So this is like the end of my bio so bye i guess? 

My Online Hours



(if it is a holiday and a weekday, use the weekend schedule)


7:00am-(6:00pm-7:30pm…depends on my schedule)

Weekdays, I’m on for 1 to 2 hours and on weekends, 2 to 3 hours

Friends on chess.com
@chesspro1534345  my  friend

@thechesschannel My chess coach

@sguon my dad

@fyshfysh  my friend

@gmhess Robert Hess

@danielrensch Daniel Rensch


  • credit to my dad who gave me the courage to do chess
  • credit to Thechesschannel for being an awesome coach
  • credit to my mom who always cheers me on and being a great mom
  • credit to all my friends… including Arnav who always stands up for me and makes life better
  • credit to my friend Anthony who brought the idea of coding to me… i would never be here without him.(he’s supa good at coding)
  • credit to chesspro for being so kind to me and being a great friend
  • credit to FyshFysh for being so generous to me 
  • credit to my 4th grade teachers for being so kind and fun and always were cheering for me in chess(BEST TEACHERS EVER!!)
  • credit to my swim coaches for being awesome and improving my times in swimming
  • credit to my squash coach for being so funny!
  • credit to all my teachers for making learning a lot more fun!
  • credit to chess.com for being great! I’d never be here without it!!