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The first time I got !! from the engine. 

Hello there and welcome to my profile.

Here I am trying to answer what, in my opinion, is the most frequently asked question:

How long does it take to become a GM

If not asking it in the forums, then asking themselves, many beginners try to find a reliable and satisfactory answer to this question.

A coach who is trying to sign you up will be more promising and optimistic. Those who have been around chess for many years and never put any serious work into it will be harsh and discouraging. They will tell you it is impossible or not worth it. Some others try to play the nice and supportive and will assure you that you will definitely get there.

All these answers, as you can see, are based on some motives.

Let me begin with a little story about Garry Kasparov. The story goes like this:

“Some noises woke me up before dawn, I went to study room and saw Garry behind the chess board, so absorbed that he didn’t notice my entrance” said Garry’s mother to the head of chess school. Garry was only 6.

Here another parable from the memoirs of someone who spent years with Emmanuel Lasker. He was an affable man and would talk on many topics but they all somehow were tied to chess or would return to chess. For him, it was impossible to think of life without chess.

You can read the life story of all other champions and you will see that none of them chose chess for a living or for the sake of title or rewards etc. Chess was life and life was chess for them.

This is the driving force behind any success: passion

But if you chose chess as your pastime hobby, then I admire your choice.

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