Michael Butler
Jacksonville, FL., United States
Oct 25, 2013
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May 27, 2016

I started playing chess Febuary 2009. Grew to Love it. I guess it's called 'a game', for lack of another word. To me, Chess is not just another game. It's 'Chess'.

New post, November, 2014.

I have to appologize in advance to all my opponents when our games go slow. At my job, I have just went from 48 hours a week to 60 hours a week. Sometimes, after my 12 hour shift, I can't see straight, much less make make chess moves. I love I will not quit this sight. Just being forced to minimize my active games at this time.

I have not joined a tournament in months. Lately I have been increasing my Team Match Games. I will try to be more dedicated to my Teams and Friends. Love and respect to all.

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