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NM samirsen

Samir Sen

Vancouver, WA, United States
May 29, 2013
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28 days ago
Supporting member since May 31, 2013

Hello dear chess lovers!


      My name is Samir Sen. I am currently a student at Skyview High School located in Washington. Like many of you, I love chess! And also like many of you, I have found that there is more to chess than meets the eye.  There is no "one size fits all" in chess. What works in one position may not work in a seemingly identical positions. Every position is new by default and the ideas from previous learning must be molded to the reality on the board, unless of course you're playing bullet :).  One should not play chess blind! I've had a handful of painful experiences in this field myself, but I have a thick skin. Despite my most painful losses, my love for chess prevented me from running away. That would still not be enough without the help of my coach, GM Gregory Serper, and my supporting parents for helping me in my chess journey and improving my game. Without them I would not be half of what I am today.


 I would also like to thank the staff here at chess.com for giving me the opportunity to share my chess experiences, good and bad, and to hopefully relate some of these experiences to those of yours. I will be sharing these in my blogs in the coming days.  I would also encourage you to send any games that you have for me to analyze (for free, of course) in the comments section or at my email: moha6sen@gmail.com, as a small token of appreciation for all the help I received from everyone, particularly Mr. Serper.

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