Eyes Revealed! And don't ask is this me or someone else. It's me, totally me! Now go and check and tell me in notes how do i look






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Life Update...

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And about my best games, I have played many but dont remember but the one i remember is given below look at it!

In first game, I was white and playing against a 2000 rated player. It was a must win situation but i have different style. Playing like i was playing casually. Just giving up pieces and attack like a mad man lol

This game, I was white against a lower rated(bruh nowadays lower rated are more deadly than higher), I lost the previous round so i was upset, but somehow i pulled off here in a spectacular way.
Here again, I was white and still playing against a lower rated, same case.. I lost the previous round and was upset. And yea i still managed to get on top(Ig playing when upset gives me better chances xDDD)
This game I was black and was playing with equal rated opponent, I was bit confident because i had a good score against him. And yea that confidence pulled off
I played this at the same tournament, and i was white this time, again equal rated opponent. The special thing i like in this game is like i was crushing from start, I was controlling both queenside and kingside. Slowly penetrating through his pieces and giving him a sweet death.




























Now I am gonna list some of my favorite things and tell why its my favorite(asked by you only):-

1. Favourite outdoor sport- Football

2. Favourite indoor sport- Chess

3. Favourite colour- Blue

4. Favourite book- Journey to the Centre of the Earth

5. Favourite author- O' Henry

6. Favourite song style- One with weird beats xD

7. Favourite song- Always change but now it 'Memory' and 'Dancin in my room'

8. Favourite movie- Many of em, but now Loki

9. Favourite actor- Chris Hemsworth

10. Favourite Avenger- Thor

11. Favourite Marvel character- The Sentry

12. Favourite DC character- Dr. Manhattan

13. Favourite anime- Pokemon

14. Favourite anime character- Saitama

15. Favourite game on PC- Watch dogs 1,2 and legion(means 3) and Portal 1 and 2

16. Favourite game on mobile- Clash Royale

17. Favourite Clash royale character- Low elixer types like bomber and firecracker

18. Favourite pen- Is that a question to ask?

19. Favourite piece- No personal questions

20. Favourite opening- No personal questions

21. Favourite player- Capablanca

22. Favourite stage of chess- I said no personal questions

23. Favourite pokemon- Mega Swampert(I left it nowadays)

24. Favourite rubik's cube- All cubes are good from my side

25. Favourite place- Home

26. Favourite DJ- Marshmello

27. Favourite Song writer- Marshmello only

28. Favourite playing site-

29. Favourite actress- Brie Larson

30. Favourite singer- BlackBear

31. Favourite cartoon- I dont like cartoons

32. Favourite scene in any movie- In 'Avengers Endgame' when Captain America lifts Thor's Hammer and when Thor again gets his hammer

33. Favourite Subject- Science

34. Favourite theme(in Walnut

35. Favourite chess game- Always change

36. Favourite friend- @Tanishaarsom2, @harshikabaid and ofc @dirtguylawra(how can i forget him?)

37. Favourite personal record- Solved a pyraminx cube at 14sec.

38. Favourite club- First of all I dont like joining clubs

39. Favourite timing of game- Blitz and bullet.

40. Favourite chess book- All books are good from my side

41. Favourite animated movie- How to train your dragon 1,2,3 and Spiderman into the spider verse.

42. Favourite singer(Female)- Halsey


1. Dont know why I love football.

2. No doubt, Chess is my life. "A body without a brain is better than Sampokemon without chess" by Me

3. Blue stands for peace and I am a peaceful person.

4. THAT BOOK IS AMAZING!! Its full of mysteries and wonders.

5. His stories has unexpected endings. So i like him much.

6. Dont know why I like this style(lol)

7. Cause I always find some new songs. Hmm

8. Do you need explaination for this also? If yes, then telling. Avengers Endgame is not good.....It is MIND BLOWING!! And Bahubali series is... I cant express my feelings with words! It was full of action! You need to see all these movies. Recomanded.

9. Because he is the best! And I love thor and he is his actor.

10. I love him cause his powers are awsome! See his any movies, His entry is epic in movies huh?

11. If you did not know him, then know him from now. He is the strongest character in MCU(kinda). Click here to see his powers,have%20no%20effect%20upon

12. He is also incredibly strong. Click here to see how he is

13. Of course its my first cartoon and the best I have ever seen. 

14. and see how strong he is.

15. Yes Watch dogs is awsome!!  You should play the game, wait.....  You must play the game!!

What cant u do in that game. In 1 the features are less but still amazing. In 2, what cant u do in that game! You can have a selfie, you can swim, can pet a puppy! and in three its..... i cant describe it with words! And Portal is a puzzle that can simply confuse your mind and in 2 its more harder. Please its a request that dont watch the walkthrough of this. If you watch then dont play this, you will feel bored by playing and in watch dogs you can watch no you have to watch! Its extremely hard but still not a puzzle game its action. Imagine if it was a puzzle game.. Then think how hard it will be.

16. Yes a amazing game which we have different characters and their super powers.

17. Cause i am a fast cycle player xD(most annoying ones)

18. Are you serious? Is that a question to ask?

19. Yes no personal questions

20. Yes no personal questions

21. Becauze I love his playing style!

22, No means no

23. Mega Swampert is awsome!!

24. Yes I am a cube solver and all cubes are good.

25. Yes home is my favourite place.

26. Yes I love his songs.

27. Yes he is a songwriter also

28. is amazing! Its has many features and amazing tactics and strong players!

29. Because she is the actress of Captain Marvel and you know that how strong captain marvel is.

30. Idk what to say

31. Yes cartoon is boring, Extremely boring! And dont think that Pokemon is a cartoon, It's a anime.

32. When the hammer came to Captain America's, I was completely shocked! I thought that I was dreaming but no! It was real. And when the hammer came to Thor's hand..It was also a shocking moment. And suddenly a funny question came to my mind that 'What if the thor of that time wants his hammer?(there two thor because the fat one came for future and the thor of that timeline was there)The timeline would be crashed or what? hahaha that seems funny.

33. Dont know the reason.

34. Because, because....Uh I dont know

35. Yes there are many best games.

36. Tanisha is kinda offline nowadays but still remember when we talk a lot, but talks as i said tear.png. And about harshika.. once she was also a nice frnd but again stuff happened and again no talks and dirtguylawra, he will be one of my best frnd no matter what happens

37. I have made many personal records but this one is my favourite.

38. Yes I dont like joining clubs but join the club where I am invited and and many has sent me club invites and thats why many clubs I have joined.

39. I like fast chess

40. All books are helpful for us until we know how to use them.

41. These movies are Amazing!! I am not going to tell the movie, you need to watch them!

42. Because she is the singer of 'be kind'.