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Kevin Murphy
Los Angelos, United States
Nov 6, 2013
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I play chess now after a 30 year hiatus, I began playing at the local Boys Club" after winning a school tournament. As Fate would have it, I became friends w/ Mark Diesen, who at that time was a couple of years younger but who went on 5 years later to become the World Junior Champion

Meanwhile, I chose to focus on music and right at the time Mark was winning the word title, I was hanging out w/ Blues Giant Muddy Waters, a Grand master in his genre. I hitched out to Laguna Beach and stayed for 10 years as I formally began my apprenticeship as a guitar player, having my first professional gig in 1978

I have been a professional musician ever since, I run my own band, www.jukejointjokers.com    Its my life and my business. I am also  writer of short stories and poetry. I live in LA as of this date and have a story in "Treatment" format on the desk of one of Hollywood's biggest players, along with a million other aspiring writers...However I DID just publish my first official column in a boxing Ezine at "Neds Boxing Emporium"

I have played with or shared the stage w./. many music legends, from Tito Puente to Albert King and am presently editing a series of shows from the California version of the Juke Joint Jokers, ostensibly for a "Live CD"

As for chess, my favorite player is the man I can consider the "Poet Laureate " of chess, Misha Tal, though Spasski and Bronstein are right up there...ditto Kasparov..

Lets face it CHESS RENAISSANCE  took place during the Soviet regime, "Keres and Botvinnik,  Smyslov and Petrosian," and so many more. led the way catapulting chess forward "light years".. Its my ambition to reach Expert and Master strength, though for now my schedule and duties only allow for what most define as "correspondence chess"

I also love film,from the Classic old "Black and White" films to Martial Art/Chinese Opera stuff, and also foreign films by Cocteau, Truffaut and Fellini, Victoria De Sica  and many more,

And being a writer, I obviously I love literature, especially ancient military history and what is commonly referred to as Dark Fiction, "Poe", "Love Craft" and especially "Robert E Howard"...also the Irish, French and Russian  writers specifically........and females.

I also love animals a great deal and have an immense respect for them. My Father and Aunt were 1/2 Native American and my Grandmother, was a full blooded Native from the Pikunni tribe of the Blackfoot Nation. They all lived on a reservation out West, and instilled in me was a deep regard for the Earth and all the creatures on it.

MY mothers family were IRISH and that's a big part of my story as well. I was raised by a single mom after my parents divorced and she was unabashedly pro Irish in every way. I grew up with a excellent working knowledge of the great Irish writers and probably knew more about the Irish Poets than most literature teachers at that time 

I began studying Kung Fu back in an age where very few non Chinese were even allowed to study formally. My teacher is a Taoist who literally spent years in a monastery in Vine before leaving because of the Communist revolution and coming here to the United States.

After coming West to S California I met a "Trance Medium" a woman who literally was able to manifest the kind of phenomena one usually reads about in books...As a  "Witness" to that amazing experiences I was then given a copy of the "Autobiography Of A Yogi" and became a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and his teachings.

Thats the short version of my tale, I look forward to meeting and playing chess with you and in the meantime wish you all,

Peace and blessings

Peace and Blessings

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