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"Chess is everything, art, science and sport" Anatoly Karpov.

Well it is to me, I start playing chess late, really late like when I was 18 years old, it was a boring afternoon after the school and years before I had created an account on I said why no a couple of games?,I knew how to move the pieces and had played a couple of games when I was a kid (like most of the kids) but well I never put a lot of attention to chess, that afternoon was the first time I play chess for real, days pass and I said I need to be stronger, I used to study hours and hours, It was so beautiful, it is beautiful, my parents went quite crazy saying the only thing you do is play chess and they were right, still they are, lucky for me I cross my path to guys that help me, I start giving lessons and start making some money to play my tournaments, now I am 21, still in love for chess and looking to improve my chess, become a GM and currently looking for more students.After all the only thing that I want to do is to play chess.

A lot of chess players discover the love for the game late just like I did, and they wonder can I still improve even if I start late? well I tell you that yes you can.

I have been teaching for over a year and its a great experience, not only you can teach but actually you learn from everyone,I start the free chess lessons and have gave like 100 lessons with positives reviews from all of them.

Currently with 2 students, one online () and the other here in my city, a very skilled kid (Miguel 


Some of the reviews from my students:

Cotliarenko: I took one class from Santiago. Great insights, great coach, listens and debates ideas. Really recommend. Santiago loves the game and has a brilliant future ahead.

Atif Khan 007: It was an awesome experience ...... I enjoyed and learned a lot.

street_fighter2turbo: I had the first class and it was great, I learnt a lot, the most important is that we played some games and analyzed many aspects to improve, I am sure my level and understanding will rise!!!! very profesional teacher!


I speak 2 lenguages English and Spanish and I am learning German, feel free to message me or if you want challenge me, I am in love with chess, if  you want to learn from someone that its in love in chess just like you I am here for you.