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A former scholastic champion, Sari is listed on Mommypoppins as "one of the best teachers for beginners." Sari has been teaching chess in New York City public and private schools for 22 years, and has extensive experience working with special needs individuals. Schools she has taught at include Trinity, Packer, Manhattan Friends, Gateway, Gillen Brewer, and 2E School The Lang School. She worked for the Harlem Children's Zone and the New York Public Libraries for many years and has had hundreds of private students. Over the years she has seen students go from complete beginners to becoming tournament players, or simply come to enjoy chess as a social activity. She uses her background as a storyteller to bring instructional games to life, in addition to teaching opening strategy, endgame technique, and checkmate puzzles.

She firmly believes chess helps with vital life skills and the development of important habits, including decision-making, mathematical aptitude, placing thought before action, and heightened powers of observation, while also helping to build empathy from studying the opponent's point of view. She changes her approach to fit each student's needs whether teaching a group class or individuals.

For more information on her resume visit Sari Chess Coach, references are available upon request.