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NM scaryninja

Dimitar Mardov

Melbourne, Australia
Sep 6, 2012
Last Login
2 hrs ago
Supporting member since Nov 12, 2014

      10 year old Master. USCF: 2256     

Puzzle rush boss: 48

As you see, I am not in a lot of clubs. If you want me to join yours, I have to be impressed by it, and promoted to admin to help.

Hi everyone! How are you? Thanks for taking your time to read my profile.As you might already know, I don't play a lot of chess on chess.com. I mostly hang out with friends, do tactics and puzzle rush, & take good care of my club. 

I would really appreciate it if you would friend me and leave me a note saying hi or asking me a question. I love getting notes!

Also, I have been working A LOT on my club, and to make it succeed, so please join it: Click me to join a wonderful club  

We have a bunch of amazing stuff happening in there!

 Now about me:

I love to play sports, such as soccer and tennis. I also ofc love to play chess and have played it for 6 years. 

I am in 5th grade. My favorite subject is history. In gym class, I like running the mile and playing sports. 


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