I learned to play chess in 1999 for about 6 months I played all the time and then I dropped off. But since I found GOD CHRIST JESUS and follow HIM I have gotten a lot better in the game THANK YOU MY BEAUTIFUL DAD CREATOR. happy.pnghappy.pnghappy.pnghappy.png

I am one of 5 admins  in a beautiful club  called  F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

This is the link to our club.

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Ashish is an awesome Admin. He is   ES and Laurie,   is also An awesome Admin and together they make an awesome beautiful super Admin team. We love to chat have tons of fun play and win Tournaments. We just Love each other. Please join and check it out for yourselves anyone above 1000 points- please and very much thank you all...

LOVE  you people..

May GOD bless your beautiful day. smile.gifkisses.giflove.gif

I am Admin in all these beautiful  Fantastic clubs  you all should check out 

Christians with Concussions from the Open Discussion



Prerequisite for  joining A.O.C.-A.O.C 960 and R&J

0 % T.O. can't be in these 5 clubs 

shetos -- Greece_Lovers--- New Cairo Club --The empire of assassins because of their Admins. No new members at least 90 days on the site 

Thank you  Happy.gifHappy.gifHappy.gif

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The Knights of Light kiss.gifkiss.gif

Romeo and Juliet RedRose.gifRedRose.gifRedRose.gifRedRose.gifRedRose.gif


Rossi yoarAAAAAAwesomLady


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The cooooooooooooooool ones  Contented.gifHappy.gif

BORG Collective 



World Friendship 

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 I am SA in These clubs 

Planet Risia 

RISIA for Admins only 

Planet Bajor 960

Love you all who join 

GOD bless you all 

in Chess cafe 


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I also work as an event security on football stadiums and work for concerts and pretty much all major events in L.A.



USC Trojans  52 vs  Penn State Lions 49 

on 1-2-2017