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Scott Wood
El Paso, Arkansas, United States
Oct 8, 2009
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16 hrs ago

Born and raised in the great state of Arkansas, I was raised on a farm until 18 when I joined the U.S Navy.

As an aerial photographer I got some good schooling and some great experiences and was hooked on flying from there on. I work on airplanes today, building and installing the custom interiors in the large private luxury jets is my forte' although I sometimes do work as a gunship structural mechanic. Started playing Chess at a young age and played alot in the military but was never any good and took lots of beatings before picking up my first book.

Now that my career takes me all over this country, usually spending between 1-2 years in a city/state at the most, I run into lots of games with some exceptional players.

I kick myself for not learning of this site sooner, but it also reminds me of how much a noob I still am at this game. There are some damn good players on here.

To be continued:

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