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Chris Eagle
Ann Arbor, MI, United States
Dec 21, 2007
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5 hrs ago

I retired from serious chess in the mid-90's but I still like to goof around online.

Simple etiquette rule: behave how you would in an over-the-board game.

  • Resign when it's hopeless.
  • You don't play giveaway, let your clock run out, or get up and walk away OTB.  And don't tell me about the one time when you got a stalemate against 3 queens - unless you're in a tournament, be a grown up and resign.
  • Say 'gg'.  You make horrible blunders or get crushed badly OTB; you still shake your opponent's hand and say "good game."
  • If it's a fast game, give at least one rematch if you can, or explain why you can't/won't.  

None of this is complicated; don't be a jerk just because you can hide in the Internet.  

If you won't be considerate enough to hit the resign button in a clearly hopeless position, don't expect me to be considerate enough to mate you.  

If the position is clearly drawn, I'll generally take a draw offer even if you only have a few seconds on your clock (tournaments and rude opponents excepted).  

I apologize in advance about getting upset over lag. I realize it's not your fault and the chess.com  algorithm for lag sucks.  But I still get upset when, because my opponent has a bad connection, I move instantly and 4 seconds come off my clock.

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