Hi. My name is Sean Deniz Thrasher.I am Turkish and British,(Deniz means "sea" in Turkish) however I live in America.



  I love chess. İt is one of my favourite game. İ first thought that chess was boring but i was wrong. My uncle played chess for years and he teaches me what to do and not to do.

İ play chess all the time. İ love chess! And I think this is the best site for it :-)































   here is a game i played, we rushed to win each other!





               İ Love Playing Chess.



i normally stay in turkey but in 20th October 2008 (Monday,) i am in Massachusets!
here is a game which was frustrating, time control:
4 min. 0 sec bonus
my favourite videos
A game, my opponent resigned from it!
I played A recent game; I won by Check Mate! My opponent made a mistakeEmbarassed
I played a game with my father; I notated and wrote it as a pgn file. Here is the game:
The breath-taking momment started at the 11th move in Qh5+, a suprise check where I got my queen out and attacked hard!
My friend showed me classical music. My favourite is: